1. 16 Team Tournament
2. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 8 players
3. Game Setup:
• 1 Goalie
• 4 Players On The Floor
• 1-3 Subs
4. Substitutions of alternate players is allowed during the game
5. Every participant MUST wear a hockey helmet (no bike helmets permitted)
6. Road hockey goalie equipment is allowed
7. Closed toe shoes (i.e sneakers) are required
8. Each game is 25 minutes run time, each game will begin with a face off at centre
9. Possession:
• Last player to touch the ball before it goes out of bounds forfeits the ball to the opposing team at where the ball exited the court
• At the time of a goal, the entire scoring team must return back over the half way point
• At the time of a Penalty Shot everyone else but the shooter of that team must be behind centre
• If a result of a game ejection or tournament ejection the opposing team will start with the ball in their half with the other team behind centre
10. A change of possession will occur for the following :
• Slashing
• High Sticking
• Tripping
• Slap Shots Over Half
• Hooking
11. Game ejection will occur for the following:
• Abusive Language
• Intentional Contact or Aggressive Behaviour
12. Tournament ejection will occur for the following:
• Fighting
NOTE: These calls are at the discretion of the game referee, there will be no back talk, if your team has a complaint about a call or an incident, and the captain is the only one who can speak to the referee regarding the call
13. If a player is ejected from 2 games it will result is being ejected from the tournament entirely
14. No offside
15. Goalies are not permitted to cross centre
16. Point System:
• 2 points for a win
• 1 point for a tie (round robin)
• 0 points for a loss
17. Round Robin:
• If there is a tie in the round robin to determine team placement for the next round it will result in goal difference (number of goals scored minus number of goals against)
18. Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals:
• For a player to participate in quarter-finals or semi-finals they must have participated in at least 1 round robin game
• In result of a tie during quarter-finals or semi-finals we will go to a 3 player shoot out to determine a winner
19. Finals:
• For a player to participate in finals they must have participated in quarter-finals and semi-finals
• If there is a tie at the end of the game we will go to a 3 player shoot out to determine a tournament winner
20. Games will not be rescheduled. If you are team is delayed 5 minutes it will result in a default and you will be recorded with a loss for that game
21. The tournaments coordinators word is final!
22. We reserve the right to eject anyone, player or spectator, for questionable conduct
23. HAVE FUN! This is a tournament to raise money for kids hockey programming in Regent Park, lets remind ourselves that while playing
1. Ice hockey, lacrosse or ball hockey gloves should be worn for protection but is not mandatory
2. Soccer and/or hockey shin pads should be worn but is not mandatory
3. Remove dangling jewelry before playing